If I am searching for a place for aspiring actor or playwright where would I look?

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If one was an aspiring actor or playwright, the best place to start would be a small theatre, like a local or community theatre.

If someone was an actor or actress looking to break into the business, then there is no better place to start. Auditioning at a local or community theatre is incredibly easy as most auditions are open to public. The next step for them would be to continue auditioning at both the local theatres and also professional theatre. The best way to be discovered is to do what one can to get his or her name out there. Constant auditioning is one way to do this.

Another way is to send your resume and information to agents who would be able to find auditions for the aspiring actor. Once someone is in the business, it is almost essential to have an agent so that if one is working for a professional theatre, their payment will always be negotiated for them without discrepancies. Something that is essential for the aspiring actor to remember is that they need not get discouraged. One will have to likely audition for several things before being cast, so don't give up!! If the aspiring actor is seeking to be in film then it is even more important for them to have an agent. Breaking into film is even harder. Having a communications background is also helpful.

For the aspiring playwright, it is important to get involved with a local theatre. Having access to a local or community theatre means that one's play may be produced quickly after writing, which is an excellent way to show one's work. However, it is also important for one to be equally involved in finding a way to get his or her play published. There are several aspiring playwright websites that will edit, format, and publish one's play to the website so that it may find a way into the hands of those who wish to perform. While these websites are a great way for one to get his or her name out in the playwrighting world, it is also important to have his or her play actually published as well. If possible, finding an writing agent would be a good idea for the aspiring playwright. With an agent, the playwright can find several different publishing companies as well as reputable editors and proofreaders.

Being an aspiring actor or playwright is excellent. Creative minds are waning in this world of science and business, so if you are a creative mind who wants to be an actor on the stage or in film, go for it! If you are writer who wishes to see their words come to life, then keep on keeping on, and one day you will see your successes. Finding a way to break into the business isn't always easy but don't forget that there are always ways. Find a local theatre, find an agent, find a website to submit your play to, and never ever give up!

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